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Diamonds are forever review

diamonds are forever review

Diamonds Are Forever has ratings and reviews. Robert said: If I were a woman, I might conduct a séance, and then throttle the spirit of Ian Fl. Released in , Diamonds Are Forever was Sean Connery's final "official" turn as James Bond (although he eventually starred in Never Say Never Again. Sean Connery returns to play James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever. It is not 's finest outing. Other Articles The L. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If I were black, I'd probably just stay away from the Bond series all together. He runs, preferably in a phony moon machine. After enjoying Moonraker, I figured I'd read a few more novels. He is held prisoner in his desert mansion which is protected by two female karate experts nicknamed Bambi and Thumper

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Diamonds are forever review Both a buoyantly uplifting and, at times, tear-shedding celebration of African-American womanhood and the dedicated educators who have their backs. Bond scouts out his mission, flashes back to Bond's interview with M, infiltrates the casino 777 stuttgart vaihingen offnungszeiten organization, meets the girl. Don't have an account? Bernard Lee as M. One of them looks very strange Smith, a jazz musician with no acting experiencewhile the other actor Glover, father of Crispin Glover looks more normal but has very strange inflections to his speech. January 26, Full Review…. Here, there are several good ones, most importantly an apocalyptic climax involving Bond derailing a steam locomotive in the desert. Not on my account! He becomes protective and treats her sympathetically and delicately. Like the best Bond jeopardies — laser castration, tarantula — the horror of the threat, rather than the likelihood of death, is what chews down the fingernails.
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Diamonds are forever review Fleming also had a knack for sketching out brutal action sequences and clever bits of spycraft. George Lane Cooper as SPECTRE Agent. Margaret Lacey as Mrs. However Wint and Kidd - his henchman - are fairly terrifying, and a much better coupling than they are in the film. The story is well-paced for the most part, with less of those slow spots that afflicted many of the later Bonders. Click here to view trailer. Paypal casino schulden 08, Matt rated it liked it Shelves:
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Wint are a great villainous pair and the actors knock it out of the park, preventing this film from completely falling flat in the villain department. When Bond is faced with trouble, what does he do? Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Here, there are several good ones, most importantly an apocalyptic climax involving Bond derailing a steam locomotive in the desert. The casting is a mixed bag. The First Epic Movie Churchill Dean Dumb: We have a few of Blofled's henchmen fighting a few helicopters. After stumbling across the moon-landing set, our hero boosts a car and lights out across town with the Vegas cops in hot pursuit. Gray is another problem evident from the beginning. At the Td internet banking Theater, Seventh Avenue at 47th Street, and other theaters in the matropolitan area. Topics Action and adventure My favourite Bond film. Bond must navigate a startling maze of characters - a suspicious British taipan, a sinister Triad leader, a sadistic Chinese general, and an exotic dancer with alluring, seductive skills - before exposing a fiendish plot of revenge, with roots reaching back more than a century and a half. Much of the action, meantime, pivots around the invisible figure of Willard casino, a thinly-veiled Howard Hughes, gone to ground in the penthouse suite of the palatial "Whyte House" and apparently running business from a bank of phones while sitting on the toilet — much as Lyndon Johnson is reputed to have. The films continually fluctuate between having Bond as an anonymous spy and being the espionage version of Harry Styles. Best Superhero Movies The 50 best superhero movies by Tomatometer. John, as the two principal women in James's life. Bond is on the trail of diamond smugglers and the trail leads diamonds are forever review first to obligatory Bond girl Tiffany Case Jill St Johnwho keeps changing her hair colour, and thence to the upper-crust Blofeld Charles Graywho plans to hold the planet to ransom and auction nuclear supremacy to the highest bidder. There are some good points in the film, including an effective fight between Bond and Peter Franks in Amsterdam, and a memorable scene in which OO7 has to grapple with two striking young women called Bambi and Thumper. True, Connery's performance itself is less good than in previous Bonds, but the rest makes up for . diamonds are forever review

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Twitter Facebook Google Tumblr Pinterest Reddit Print. It takes him from London to New York and ultimately to Las Vegas. The portrayal of the desert town with sand blowing over the strip is incredibly well done and really places the reader there. Ernst Stavro Blofeld is back again, though only his love of fluffy, white pussycats remains constant. If I were black, I'd probably just stay away from the Bond series all together. Or Fleming doesn't belong in America. Sean Connery as James Bond. It is such a bizarre choice, yet Dean's country boy charm is a wonderful contrast to both Hughes' nutty behavior and to the bemused sophistication of Bond. Jill St John's Tiffany Case is a spirited Bond girl, but unaccountably she becomes more and more stupid as the film goes on, and never becomes as strong a character as she should have been. A man on fire is shown. Not to the extent of CR or LALD, but still, it's noticeable. Many of the problems that drown "Diamonds Are Forever" show up in the opening minutes. My favourite Bond film. In Sean Connery quits the role of James Bond.

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